2023 Powered Up Summit

The 2023 Powered Up Summit will take place on April 16-17, 2023 in Carmel, Indiana.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for networking, seeing other network members in person, and learning about business growth and industry trends.

Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say about our summit:

“I found it highly impactful in terms of networking with other Consultants and did pick up 2 new clients as a direct result of connections I made there. I loved turning the email and Zoom connections into handshakes and real connections. I hope to meet you there!”

Being able to make face to face connections can’t be beat — I loved the opportunity to meet fellow PbPIers in person, get to know them, hear their stories, passions and see them in action. The connections made in person have fostered support of one another and our businesses over the miles and I’m grateful for the investment of time (and travel) for Summit!”

The Powered by Purple Ink Summit not only provided me industry insight that I have carried with me throughout the past year, but also provided me the opportunity to network in a really organic way. By attending presentations of others in the network, I was better able to speak to their strengths and have a greater appreciation for the work they do. It helped all of us to grow in mutual respect for the talents one another possess.”

The Powered by Purple Ink inaugural Summit was engaging, fun, and a meaningful opportunity to learn from and connect with other Network members and staff. For example, relationships I developed at the Summit resulted in an important collaboration for my business. It is another great opportunity provided by the Network.”

Stay tuned for more details on the schedule, speakers, and session topics!

Note: No refunds after March 15, 2023

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