Do you Know if You’re Ready to Scale Your Consulting, Coaching and Training Business?

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A View of the Top of a Skyscraper from the Ground, Representing Scaling a Consultancy

Do you repurpose existing content to scale your coaching, consulting or training business?

Is your current approach to repurposing content generating revenue?

Some of you may think these questions don’t apply to you. Others of you may be curious about why I’m asking them.

Here’s why I ask trainers, coaching and consultants these two questions — a funny thing happens. Candidly, I see $$$$$. Really!

What’s the point? Those of you who are annoyed with your answers to my first 2 questions and want to scale your business, it may help to spend a few minutes asking yourself these 3 questions below:

1. Which experience level do you want to spend more time helping?

As you think about the people you enjoy helping most, they may be in one of two categories:

  • A novice that needs to “start from scratch and are open to learning.
  • An experienced professional who wants to move from “good to great” and needs to make some attitude adjustments.

Now, imagine 80% of your business advising and training people you enjoy helping most.

2. What are the top 3-5 key skills you want people to master?

If you have trouble with this one, picture a specific person who you enjoy working with who has these top skills mastered. What changes do you notice in their behaviors and performance?

3. What content have your already created that could help your target audience form learning circles or accountability groups to up-level their game together?

For those of you who responded “yes” to the first two questions, here they are again as a reminder:

  • Do you repurpose existing content to scale your business?
  • Is your current approach to repurposing content generating revenue?

If you’re curious to learn more, set up some time with me to brainstorm potential ways you can turn existing content into revenue via this calendar link.

Diane Kubal is a PbPI corporate partner and founder of Fulcrum Network, a boutique firm that helps internal Learning and Development and Human Resource professionals find the right programs and resources for training, organization development, human resources and executive coaching projects. The network consists of consultants across the United States and abroad. Connect with Diane on LinkedIn.


Lynn Miller is a Virtual Learning and Online Learning Strategist for Coaching and Consulting Experts Connect with Lynn on LinkedIn.

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