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Diane Kubal

Company: Fulcrum Network


More than 20 years ago, Diane Kubal founded Fulcrum Network, a boutique firm that helps internal Learning and Development and Human Resource professionals find the right programs and resources for training, organization development, human resources and executive coaching projects. The network consists of consultants across the United States and abroad.

Over the past five years, Diane has developed an experience-based virtual learning methodology and approach used in Fulcrum’s learning portal by her clients and consultant network.  Diane now works with consultants to convert their in-person classroom learning into engaging online/virtual programs on her state-of-the art digital platform for training, consulting, coaching and organization development interventions. Program outcomes include increased employee retention, engagement and performance to achieve strategic business results.  She has created the Modern Managers Leadership program, a series of 6 skill areas for newer managers and supervisors to equip managers with the people skills they need to be successful in the new hybrid environment.  To learn more about Fulcrum's programs, go to:

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