Dr. Bob Randall

Company: Transcend Engagement


After spending 25 years in the corporate world and completing his doctorate in Organization Development, Dr. Randall began researching the employee engagement space and found out that approximately 75% of companies regularly conducted an employee engagement assessment (i.e., survey), but less than 5% of CEO’s believe they have an effective strategy to improve employee engagement. Macro-data from large survey companies bear this out; employee engagement in the USA has not significantly improved in decades. At the same time, we know through dozens of peer-reviewed studies that higher employee engagement is highly correlated to better quality, lower turnover rates, higher productivity and improved financial results.

So why do companies keep assessing engagement and not focusing on improving it, especially when they know the ROI on higher engagement is incredibly high? Dr. Randall wanted to solve this puzzle and started by researching what the drivers of employee engagement are so Transcend could build technology solutions to focus client efforts on solutions to provide immediate lift in engagement for our clients.

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