Jen Slagle

Company: Jen Slagle Coaching + Consulting


I empower professional women to design and live purposeful and inspired careers while making the money they deserve. We start by discovering and aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your aspirations and dreams. Whether you want to love the job you are in, find a new one, or are unsure of your life purpose, I can help. I support various areas, from personal development to leadership, employee engagement to outplacement. Working with several high-performance executive women, I use a custom approach to transform your unique abilities from ideas into actions and goals into a dream career. As a woman-owned business, I always seek to meet curious learners excited about discovering their inner passions and connecting them to their work. It's my vision to empower these leaders to live their lives free of judgment and shame. You get to love every part of your life - even your career!

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