Get to Know Our Network: Amy Oviedo Is Going Against the Grain

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Amy Oviedo, Recruiting Consultant and Recruitment Trainer

Amy Oviedo is building something different than most recruiting firms. Her team believes in positivity, kindness, and great partnerships. We asked her a few questions about how she built and continues to grow her business and why networking is key for consultants. 

PbPI: What made you decide to become an independent workforce consultant?

Amy: I built a 20+ year career in Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, and all things HR. I went on a sabbatical in 2019 and spent a lot of time reading. I read Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus and had an epiphany that I no longer enjoyed about 60-70% of my role.

I began dreaming of my “someday” company that I could build around all the things that gave me energy and where I had expertise to share with the marketplace. My “someday” came 2 years earlier than I was planning when I realized how much opportunity was being created in the recruiting world by the market conditions caused by the pandemic. I began building the business in my spare time.

When the CEO at the organization where I was serving as VP People came to me about leading a reduction in force and eliminating much of my team, I knew it was time to build an exit strategy instead. He was super supportive and even “one-upped” me by offering to come on as my first customer. I officially opened in May 2021.

PbPI: What do you love about what you do?

Amy: We are building something different than most recruiting firms. I love that I can build what I think is needed rather than what my competitors have always done. While it’s difficult to go against the grain, I love changing the game and the passion our team brings to our work.

PbPI: What sets you apart from others who do work like yours?

Amy: We build our recruiting by project rather than by hire. We partner with companies as an extension of their brand to provide positive candidate experiences. We deliver results with data. We work to eliminate bias in hiring processes while simplifying complex systems. Bottom line – we provide great partnerships for our clients and treat our candidates with kindness.

PbPI: Who are your ideal clients, and why?

Amy: We love to work with companies of about 20-200 employees through their growth phase. We specialize in technical, product, and sales hiring but we are industry agnostic (except healthcare…there are some great companies in my network I’ll refer you to!). Recruiting is a process. A to Z no matter what the role. That mindset allows us to work with many organizations and succeed.

PbPI: Why is having a solid network of other people professionals important to you?

Amy: We are growing organically, so the ability to share leads and learn from one another is really priceless for a small business. We have some informal relationships and some more formal in which we pay commission for successful referrals. I’ve been able to reach out and get info from not only the PbPI team but also other members who are willing to lend a hand. I also have secured new business from another member – you can’t beat that!

PbPI: What makes you feel Powered Up?

Amy: I get Powered Up when I can match the right professional with the right organization. I’ve been hooked on that since 1998!

PbPI: How do you manage your time as a busy people professional?

Amy: I wish I was doing a better job here. That is a key focus for me as I wrap up 2022 and move toward the new year. In the first 20 months of the business, I have gone HARD to grow and create our organization while serving our clients.

Now that I’ve built a team, I can delegate more and want to be able to step back and take care of myself and my family too. My daughter is a junior in high school and while she thinks I’m a total Boss Babe, I also want to spend these last precious months with her before she goes off to college. As a business owner, I can ebb and flow and work with my team to achieve at home and at work.

PbPI: What are some of your goals for the future?

Amy: I have my eyes on the Inc5000 and IBJ Fast25 lists – those are stretch goals for us in 2025 when we’ll become eligible!

PbPI: What changes or trends do you see on the horizon in your industry?

Amy: When there is an economic downturn like we saw in 2020 and are experiencing again now, companies tend to lay off their recruiting functions. It happens every time. After that, as things turn around, they need recruiters to rebuild their team. We believe we can serve in those fractional roles to fill gaps for teams with surge recruiting, leave coverage, specialty roles, and time to rebuild.

PbPI: What advice do you have for others who are considering becoming workforce consultants?

Amy: Decide who you want to be and be ruthless about your mission and vision. Decide if you want to be a solopreneur or build a team – both are great but neither is for everyone. Finally, network like the life of your business depends on it… because it does.

Amy Oviedo is the CEO & Founder of Recruiting Experiences, a recruitment consulting business. Recruiting Experiences delivers positive recruiting experiences for clients, candidates, and recruiters through their contract recruiting and recruiter training opportunities. Learn more about Recruiting Experiences at

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