Get to Know Our Network: Peggy Hogan Is a Connector

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Peggy Hogan loves connection, whether it’s connecting with others in her profession, facilitating connections between people who can help each other, or connecting the right person to the right place. We asked her a few questions about why she enjoys being a workforce consultant and why networking is key.

PbPI: What made you decide to become a workforce consultant?

Peggy: I have a lot of experience to share with clients. I love the flexibility of my job and the experience I gain from working with different industries on a variety of projects.

PbPI: What do you love about what you do?

Peggy: The variety always keeps it interesting and I learn a lot from being in so many different situations.

PbPI: What sets you apart from others who do work like yours?

Peggy: I have experience recruiting and working in HR both internally and externally. I have worked with almost every industry and have seen hundreds of different jobs. I have worked hard to develop networks and I know where to go and the best methods for sourcing top talent.

PbPI: Who are your ideal clients, and why?

Peggy: Ideal clients are companies who value their most important resource – their people. I love clients who look toward the future, try to solve problems creatively, are open to new ideas, and want me to partner with them in implementing solutions. Small to mid-size companies often need a lot of help, but equally, I have some large clients who hire me for certain projects, and those are a lot of fun as well.

PbPI: Why is having a solid network of other people professionals important to you?

Peggy: I can’t know everything, so I rely on surrounding myself with smart people who have other areas of expertise.

PbPI: What makes you feel Powered Up?

Peggy: I feel Powered Up when I facilitate connections between people who can help each other.

PbPI: How do you manage your time as a busy people professional?

Peggy: I try to balance my day between project work, meetings with clients, networking with others in my profession, and doing the work that needs to be delivered. It’s a balance of crossing off what needs to be done today and looking at what needs to be done tomorrow.

PbPI: How do you avoid stress and burnout?

Peggy: I know that the work we do changes lives and helps companies, so I don’t get burned out. For the most part, people are appreciative, which makes it worthwhile. I can reduce stress by mixing up my day with different tasks.

PbPI: What are some of your goals for the future?

Peggy: One of my goals is to continue working with clients I’ve built strong relationships with. I love coaching clients and helping them determine where to go strategically.

PbPI: What changes or trends do you see on the horizon in your industry?

Peggy: Connecting with people will always be a constant and is definitely going to play a strong role going forward. It’s important to stay up on the latest that technology offers and continue to hone practices that speak to employees and candidates.

PbPI: What advice do you have for others who are considering becoming workforce consultants?

Peggy: Know your strengths and capitalize on those strengths. By the same token, know what brings you energy and what depletes your energy. Try to focus on work that brings you energy and outsource work that doesn’t play to your strengths. This is where a network of people professionals can really work for you. Continue to educate yourself in best practices so that you can bring your clients the best experience and expertise.

Peggy Hogan is the Vice President of Talent Services at Purple Ink, a full-service HR consulting firm with a mission to inspire JoyPowered® work. Peggy enjoys connecting the right person to the right place, whether she’s career coaching, recruiting, or working on-site with a client. She is motivated to help create positive workspaces by offering creative solutions to problems in the workplace, resulting in reduced turnover, higher employee engagement, and increased productivity. Learn more about Purple Ink at

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