Member Benefits

People professionals who join PbPI for the educational, networking, purchasing power and brand leverage the network provides.

What Your Membership Includes

Brand Leverage

Access to a Broad Network of Expertise

  • Use of the PbPI brand to promote and sell business

  • Access to the PbPI network as resources in bidding on projects that require additional specialties, skillsets or bandwidth


Purchasing Power

  • Access to negotiated discounts for conferences, services, vendors, assessments, etc.

  • Some examples are: Jazz HR recruiting software, conference discounts, website maintenance programs, and more.

See Our Full List of Discounts


Monthly networking and education sessions

  • A minimum of 45 minutes of content from corporate partners or other members

  • A minimum of 45 minutes of Zoom breakout to dig deeper into business topics and/or build camaraderie


Expansive marketing on behalf of all members

  • Inclusion in the PbPI membership directory (highlights for partners)
  • Inclusion in the PbPI newsletter (spotlights for partners)

  • Access to Powered by Purple Ink network business development opportunities. This includes merchandise placement in the JoyPowered® store, inclusion in the Powered by Purple Ink social media networks, reduced fees for Purple Ink programs, and more.


Member Circles

  • Small groups of 4-5 that meet on their own to support one another in growing their businesses. These groups will be assigned by PbPI based upon input from members when they join.

Special Expert Status

Elite Only

  • Partnership is limited to minimize competition and maximize the benefits of the program

  • Restricting the number of specialists in any given field of HR. Possible specialties include, but are not limited to:  Recruiting, Diversity, Compensation, Organizational Development, Compliance, FMLA, Instructional Design, Career Coaching, Other coaching, Outplacement, HR Audits, Training

High Value Referral Program

Premium and Elite Only

  • Partners receive a 10% referral fee (from the referred partner) for bringing an opportunity to the network that results in closed business

  • Partners are given the opportunity to provide educational programming to the membership to establish their own subject matter expertise

  • Partners are expected to actively engage in growing the PbPI network through new member referrals, bringing new corporate partners to the table and collaborating with other members of the network. Annual renewal is contingent upon participation in these three areas, and membership level will be re-evaluated prior to renewal