What Can We Do to Make Employees Feel Valued and Appreciated?

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Employee gifts

As you know, “The Great Resignation” is a huge topic right now. Statistics show that 48 million people quit their jobs in 2021 and 8.6 million people quit their job in 2022 by March. People jump from job to job. Employees are not simply happy with paychecks anymore. What are they looking for? Flexible hours and options to work from home? Finding purpose and meaning in what they do? Or the need to be recognized and appreciated by their employers? What are the steps that we as employers do to attract, retain, and motivate our teams?  What programs have you implemented and how did it work for you?

The good news is that there are ways we can help!

Magic Promotions, Inc. helps organizations large and small who strive to attract and retain top talent.

In today’s hybrid work model, a lot of people work from home. And you may have heard that the two things that people are excited about these days working from home are:

  1. What’s in the mailbox?
  2. What’s new in the refrigerator?

What can we do to make our employees feel valued and appreciated? There is a saying, “People forget what you did and what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” Let’s find unique ways to wow your employees and keep them motivated on daily basis.

Employee Appreciation

As holidays are fast approaching, is employee holiday gifting part of your organization’s tradition? Whether it’s a small personalized ornament with a team outing picture or a thoughtfully kitted custom package mailed to your employees’ homes, these “little” things you do will go a long way! We can help create kitted personalized gifts such as scarves and beanies along with some delicious holiday treats mailed to their homes to bring some warmth and sweetness for the holidays. I understand you are busy, and our team at Magic Promotions will handle all of that for you so you can focus on the other million things on your plate.

In October, I talked about hosting private “Trick or Treat” events in your office for employees and families to bring on some spooky fun. It’s a great and safe way to give them a chance to take part in some ghoulish fun and for them to get to know their colleagues better. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Instead of giving candies, we can come up with creative and meaningful giveaways that your recipients will appreciate.

In addition, the national appreciation weeks are one of my favorite ways that we help clients with to show their appreciation. I would encourage you all to start the planning process as early as possible as it’s also a great way for you to save money when you know what you need a few months later. I’d be happy to chat more in depth.

Employee recognition

What do you do on employee birthdays and work anniversaries? These are great ways to show that you really do care with meaningful personalized gifts such as a multi-function backpack or wireless charging portfolio personalized with the employee name for their anniversaries. You may say “We don’t have the budget for it,” but you don’t have to break the bank to be able to afford something meaningful. A handwritten note is always appreciated. And what about an anniversary metal pin showing how many years they’ve been a part of your organization or a name plaque on the “Employee of the Month” wall?

I’ve also shared with clients about other ways to celebrate your team members. I’m sure that the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace is familiar to all of us. What does your organization do to embrace it? What about a culture day/party to celebrate all ethnicities and let them share their ethnic costumes and food with the rest of the team? Let’s create platforms to help them feel connected and feel they are cared for as who they are.

While year-end holidays are the biggest gift-giving season, it doesn’t have to be only holidays. There are a lot of creative ways we can help our employees shine at work. I believe you have the MAGIC, and we are always here to help!

Employee Motivation

What program have you implemented to keep your employees motivated on regular basis? Are the majority of your employees productive or are they more excited about getting their bills paid on time? What can we do to get them motivated and excited to go to work every day? At Magic Promotions, we help our clients design custom rewards programs that are proven to drive results. We can help come up with surveys to know what’s on your employee’s wish list and come up with rewards programs that will get your team excited about meeting and exceeding your organization’s goals.

Talent Attraction

Sadly, more people are leaving their jobs than ever before. Inevitably, when people resign, we’ll need to work on finding the right talent to fill in the open positions. The process repeats again and again. What is the most effective way for your organization to attract talents? How did it work for you? Are you being seen in the community? Do you have referral programs set up for your employees for internal referrals? Are you actively attending career fairs? We can help you increase visibility with branded displays and keep you top of mind with unique giveaway ideas!

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to Magic Sue.


Sue Wei from Magic Promotions, branded gifts for employee retention and engagement

Sue Wei is a member of Powered by Purple Ink and President of Magic Promotions, Inc.

Magic Promotions helps HR stay top of mind with their target audience and helps retain their employees and keep them happy with unique branded gift ideas. Learn more at magicpromotionsinc.com

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